fengshuicleansing-christy hu



Gui (pronounced Gwee means ghost)  mapping fengshui

Why  it is  important to work at clearing out bad vibes, discordant energies 

in your premises because this type of erratic flow of energies can disrupt 

the peace in your house resulting in

difficult relationships with spouse, children, colleagues. 

Bad vibes can also lead to financial stress, bad financial making decisions.
 Or stagnant sales and business.  Doing standard fengshui is good and can help 

improve your lifestyle and harmony. But if you have tried fengshui, 

flying star, bagua enhancement and still things do not improve 

then it could be that there is the energy level that need to be taken 

care about of.  

Fengshuicleansing can helps.
I use singing bowls, bells, thought forms to break stagnant energies.  

Once done, the fengshui you have done will yield tremendous 

positive results. 

When it comes to evil Chi the fastest way is to use smoke and sound 

like singing bowl, drums, language of light. To be able to do this successfully 

the therapist/consultant need to have a high degree of intuitiveness.

The idea is to make them "follow" you so you can reprogram them or 

shove them out.  If you suspect there may be lingering or subtle 

shar Chi this can be a good fengshui to select.


This is a yearly fengshui generally the energies will start changing around November the year before. I will check on the arrangement of furniture and anything that can impede the flow of good Chi.   For this I will need to analyse the Bazi of the occupants. Applicable for house, office and retail. Using the Xuan Kong da Gua  (Francis Leyau) or iching fengshui (Ricardo) or flying star fengshui (Raymond Lo)  analysis and calculation will be made.  Just specify to me your main concerns eg more wealth, hoping to find a soul mate, need children to study for big exams etc. And using the flying stars combined with your Bazi I will try to hit the target.

BAZI reading

Analysing your birth destiny code.  The four pillars or the  wuxing  or the five elements. 

Looking for strengths and weaknesses and what to avoid or attract. 

This may be in colours or in the elements around you. Bazi reading combined 

with flying star fengshui will have very quick and effective as well as positive results.

Ancestor Worship

If you have ancestor plaque in your house I can rearrange if necessary to enhance the peace  

of your ancestor. For this it will be helpful to know their year and month of birth.  

Direction facing  for ancestor jar  in the columbarium.   Auspicious  Tomb 

facing to benefit descendants.


Anything to do with ANCESTORS who have passed on or with demons or entities.  For those in speculative business yin fengshui is

essential to success in your work.


I can help with the fengshui by just consulting over the floorplan. For this the

bazi also need to be analysed.