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Names have been changed to protect clients' privacy


Geopathic stress and father-in-law's ghost


This was a moderate childcare centre (capacity 86) in a large bungalow (2 floors) when I did initial fengshui survey I noticed there was a particular patch in the garden that was very blocked geopathic wise maybe got running water underneath - It had the shape of a mound and when I stood on it I felt nauseous when I got off it I felt alright. Interestingly kids refused to play there.

What I did: Heavy geopathic stress clearing - in geopathic stress which is like earth acupuncture and sharp metallic rods are best I used about 15 all over the garden but because this was a school with many young kids I had to be extremely careful about these sharp rods and not forget any because children may inadvertenly find it and hurt themselves.

Result: Right after this earth balancing kids started playing on this plot and the centre which had registration falling to way under capacity picked up almost immediately and improved about 30%. The owner Mrs Ananda then started to have more confidence in me and hired me to also do fengshui for her house.

Father-in-Law's ghost

She was living in a 3 room condominium on a high floor in the West. As usual before I do any adjustment/cleansing I walk around - and I remarked the energy in the maid's room was particularly bad and if she knew why. She then blurted then stammered and then confessed that a couple years before her father in law stayed with them and because he had dementia they had to lock him up in the maid's room every night for his own safety and he died "very unhappily" inside there. So I did heavy space cleansing for the maid's room then when I went into the living room I could "see" the apparition of an old man wearing white singlet and very light blue cotton pajamas, I described him to my client and she shrieked, "what is he doing here tell him to go away".

What I did: I did thorough energy cleanse for the house and of course fengshui adjustment to boost wealth and health. And because old people have a tendency of groping the walls especially in narrow corridor when they walk past it I got Mrs Ananda to clean the walls with a solution of sea salt and water. I said "All the walls your father in law could possibly have touched.

Result: Once her house was fengshuied her business really took off the following year she was running at over capacity and was her best year. Then she expanded and took on another childcare centre.

Conclusion: If you have yin or death energy in your house business can become bad.



Using fengshui to bring back missing dog


This particular 5 room flat in Katong area had seven people staying in it - all female from the grandmother down to a 18 year old semi mongoloid grand-daughter. The only male living in that house was the dog a 6 year old shi szu they had since it was a baby. It had been missing a week. My client - one of the occupants asked if it was possible to use feng shui to bring back a pet and she had pasted its pictures with her number all over the block to no avail. At that time I was actually doing fengshui for her brother's house who was  living in the next block.  I said I could try.  It was 8pm.

What I did: Because everyone living in that house was female and the dog the only male I treated the dog as the youngest son and boosted the youngest son sector (north-east) and that should perhaps be sufficient but because I sometimes have a kia su attitude I also boosted the oldest son sector (in case the dog was not sure if he was the youngest or the oldest boy) which is the east sector. Then I hanged a pair of small pishus in the living room window.

Result: The next day my client called to say that 7 hours later at 3am they got a call from someone wanting to return their dog. So that fengshui got the dog back within just a few hours. For those who understand bazhi will realize that 8pm is the dog hour and 3am is the tiger hour and the dog and the tiger form a half combo.



Conclusion: correct boosting of fengshui sectors can enhance energies of targeted occupants.



Ex-mistress' mischief


Jane came to see me for a past life reading about her husband she was thinking he was or maybe having/thinking/hoping or even resuming an affair that had broken off 5 years back.

Apparently 5 years before her husband had an affair with a PRC but they broke off and she this PRC lady married another man and even got kids but it seemed her marriage was not too happy. And what happened was Jane's husband owned several companies and this PRC lady came back 5 years later to work in one of his companies which made Jane extremely not happy.

Her past life therapy did not yield much result so I suggested doing fengshui for her house. She agreed as she was at wits end.

When I went to her house as usual I walked around - everything was alright except her bedroom. Now that bedroom had some really weird energies. When I walked in I felt alright. Then I approached 2 - 3 feet towards the window immediately everything felt very chilly and very creepy - it was a marked demarcation - to me anyway. Then I turned and walked towards her bed and that  bed which she was sharing with her husband also had something weird.

If I got too near her bed I started getting extremely absent minded and my mental clarity was compromised I had to make a supreme effort to think and see clearly. I remember because I had to ask Jane the same question about 10 times before her answer registered in my mind ("which side of the bed does your husband sleep on"- was the question) - I was surprised she did not scold me and ask me if I was retarded. And when I got back my mental clarity- on her bed I could "see" Jane's husbands energy body. His energy  body was hugging Jane joining at the chest so I said to Jane ," your husband is a very loving man (to you) and his heart is with you 100%". But at the foot of the bed (about 3/4 down from the top) I could "see" an energetic configuration of something that looked like a vase that was trying to divide the bed and make her husband walk away from Jane. (At that time Jane being unhappy with the husband was actually sleeping on the couch in the living room). So I told her to move back to her marital bed because to break them up  was what the ex mistress was hoping for.

What I did: I did heavy space cleansing for her bedroom - including the bed and lots of protection for the window - pishus, baguas mystic knot etc - sometimes it is good to be kia su.

Result: After the fengshui and space cleansing her relationship improved and was like before.

Conclusion: People with bad intentions can sometimes manipulate your emotions and your thoughts.



Doing fengshui in singapore for a client living overseas to get job


My client Esther and her husband lived in a 4 room flat in Marine Parade, they have a very accomplished daughter (double degree, banker) who emigrated to Sydney six months before. Unfortunately six months later still cannot find employment and because they know I can do remote fengshui, they hired me to fengshui their daughter's room so she can get employment in Australia.

What I did: In her room I cleared out clutter, remove important items e.g. photographs, diplomas etc from front of entrance where you have the most sha chi. Boosted the north west sector (helpful friends), boosted wealth (south east). Shes single so I put a picture of a peony in the relationship sector just in case she may want romance.

Result: one month later the daughter got employment but only temp jobs which was not what she wanted. Because I have done everything within my knowledge fengshui wise and got mediocre results, this time I looked closely at the daughter's astrology chart - solar astrology. Her astrology chart has a good career house (handling "big money" - naturally, this is a banker). Her chart said her career "needs mother proximity". When the daughter was living in Singapore and with her Mum she was actually working for a very big bank and in a senior position.  But her Mum is in Singapore  and  now  she's single and alone in Australia, I decided to put a statue of a standing Kuan Yin (Big Mother figure) representing mother in the south west of her room. My fengshui has nothing to do with religion but my client's daughter needed "mother's influence/proximity". If they had been other religion I probably would put a statue of Magdalene Mary or Lady Fatimah. 

Result: As soon as I did that less than a week later a very big bank she approached when she first went to Sydney about a job (they had no opening at that time), rang her up saying there was a vacancy in Melbourne and if she was interested. She said yes one year later still in the same job and now talking about buying an apartment in Australia.

Conclusion: Distance is not an obstacle in fengshui.



Health Warning


Helen was a regular client and it was a regular chinese new year feng shui. Her husband was out while I was doing the fengshui and when I entered their bedroom I could "see" from the energy of the bed (confirmed by flying stars) that her husband's health was quite bad. His cholesterol was extremely high. I told Helen my findings and (maybe sometimes I am too soft spoken) she rebuked me saying her husband was very healthy, energetic absolutely no problem etc. I was wanting to tell her to monitor his diet , do a liver detox etc. Then one month later at about 10pm Helen rang me up from a hospital saying ,"Christy how did you know my husband got high cholesterol?". Apparently he had a minor heart attack and she admitted him to the hospital and he had to spend the night there because the doctors wanted to run more tests on him as his cholesterol and blood pressure were very high.

Conclusion: Fengshui if paid attention to can help health.


Floor plan to reconcile soured family relationships

This was a floor plan reading for a 3 storey house in Hougang. Mr and Mrs Ong came to see me and they had a broken grandfathers clock in the eastern sector. So I told her to remove it as it was compromising the harmony of her family. Apparently as soon as she did three days later her father-in-law who had been ignoring her for a number of years suddenly called to reconcile which naturally made Mrs Ong very pleasantly happy.

Conclusion: If you want your family to be tighter knit pay attention to the eastern sector of the house which represents "Tradition".


Curing a "haunted" school

Mr Chee was the owner of several childcare centres. One of them was a very old - pre -war 4 storey building - huge bungalow and was used by Japanese soldiers it seemed. Needless to say it is preserved architecture owned by the Government. This grand old building had an interesting history after the war it became an asylum, later a school for retarded children etc. The whole area must be about 30,000 sq ft 4 storeys high with attic etc and with a huge garden with a playground - rumours were sometimes "children" could be seen playing in the playground in the middle of the night. The problem was the school felt creepy and registration not too good. The teachers try not to go upstairs because it was too creepy. And Mr Chee was also wanting someone to takeover this school.

What I did: lots of smoke cleansing, geopathic stress clearing, salt and lime everywhere to absorb heavy energies put the colour red almost everywhere because red is the lowest frequency it can crash through heavy energies.

This fengshui took many hours and a lot of energy.

Result: which was immediate the teachers could wander about upstairs and downstairs casually now and when I went back for follow up one week later I could see some teachers taking lunch upstairs where before they all avoided the upper floors. Two weeks after my fengshui a potential client (wanting to take over the lease of the school ) and had been negotiating for the past 3 months decided to sign and confirm and to go ahead.


 Battle of Kan and Li

This was a case I recently did for a shop in the notorious district of Orchard Towers.  My client, Lisa who owns a massage parlour there called me saying that her neighbour, an adjacent massage parlour had recently called in a fengshui master and since  their audit her business had not been so good.  So I went to do an on site survey and the adjacent shop under the direction of their fengshui master had painted their frontal facade (which was quite long and wide) a striking purple. Their shop was facing the toilet so  I can understand the rationale for this as purple represents fire so by doing this their fengshui master was hoping to boost their business with "fire conquering water".    The point here is my client's bazi day master is metal and so much fire is not good for her.   So I enhanced the good earth sectors in her shop's   flying stars to protect her bazi metal and got her to put a black mat at her front entrance as black represents water and this would help curb her neighbour's fire.

 Result:  One week later, anti-vice/police revoked the license of the offending shop and they had to cease operations immediately.



Fengshui for Enormous Profit


A 4 storey house in Jurong West I did in October 2011 resulted in my clients husband closing 4/5 deals which accounted for nearly a whole year's revenue.  This fengshui audit was done during renovation period and was a 10+ year old house.  Before that my client was also thinking of getting me to do fengshui for her husband's office in addition to their new house.  But after such big sales I guess there was no more need!  Her husband is in the food machinery business.

Let us analyze the fengshui ingredients I used for this very successful fengshui recipe.

1/  Although I did all the date selection their move in date was selected by another fengshui master.  My client got it before hiring me and I told her to stick with the date.  Maybe extra power result in big profit.

2/  I got my client to put a big chime at her front door because it had sha chi.  She chose a 16 inch thick bamboo chime attached to an ornamental elephant (her idea).  Elephant equates big fortune.

3/  Her bedroom was facing the swimming pool.  This normally result in financial stress so I got her to put five big potted plants and lots of landscape rocks at her balcony facing the pool to prevent the water energy from entering their bedroom.   Earth conquers water resulting in big money.

4/  The others eg fixing of mirror, basin, hanging of chime I used the xuan kong da gua fengshui date selection which only enhanced her husband's luck.  I told my client this right from the start and she approved.

Normally for follow up fengshui audit I would use flying star (i-ching), or xuan kong da gua fengshui tilting of stove, bed, fridge, desk etc.  Xuan kong da gua fengshui practitioners also like to tilt door if given a chance.  For  this follow up I did not do anymore as I did not wish to "spoil" the good luck.