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This was a case I did for Mrs Mary.  She was running a kindergarten and enrolment was poor.

I went to her school did the fengshui and at the same time I advised her that she would get better result if she also do fengshui for her house.  She was reluctant. But after my fengshui on her toddlers school her enrolment went up 30%.  She said she felt she had more confidence in my and hired me to do her house as well.  I went to her house did the the flying star calculation and analysis etc and the cleansing. When I entered the maids room I remarked the energy was very bad and I asked why that was so.  She then told me that 3 years before a parent in law who had dementia passed away inside there.  And after my thorough cleansing  I actually saw an apparition of an elderly man in white cotton top and light blue pajamas walking out and into the light.

Since then her school did very well and she was contemplating getting a new  one nearby.


In this case I did the fengshui consultation for the clients house first. This was to improve his factory business which had been down for a couple of years.  A few months After the fengshui the feed back was there was no change to his business.  So I suggested to go to Mr A's factory to do the fengshui.

I did the fengshui for the office which was on two floors.  As well as the gardens.  In the office premises i entered a room at the back and mentioned the energies were very dark and queried it.

Mr A said it belonged to an employee he had dismissed.,  But being a kind hearted person he gave the employee 3 months notice so he would have ample time to look for a new job.  I think the employee during the last three months must have left a lot of bad vibes or "did something"  to contaminate the chi.  Since then Mr A's business went downhill.  

It took me about an hour to clean up the bad chi.  In addition and in line 

with his bazi I also made other suggestions like getting 200kgs of gardens rocks to place in some particular sector etc.  

The feedback was that really did the trick. Two months after his business 

was roaring again like it was before.

Missing dog

I did a fengshui consult for a house whose dog I think it was a cocker spaniel went missing. It had gone missing for more than a week and my client had pasted pictures of the dog with her number  everywhere.

  Anyway this house had seven occupants all female from the 80 year old granny to the youngest who was 14.  The dog was the only male in the house.  I then boosted only the east sector of the house.  If you know the iching bagua you will know east sector also represents the oldest son of the house.  After I did that apparently 2 days later or was it the next day just after midnight they received a call from a stranger saying she found the dog.

When the dog was collected he came home happily and excitedly ran round in circles all night!