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Death and Emptiness Lines

What are Death and Emptiness Lines

These lines refer to the facing of a building or a premises.   If a house faces any of these directions the Flying Star Chart is not applicable.  These are void lines that are passage ways to the nether world of ghosts and spirits.  If the ancestor grave  faces this direction the descendants will not have an auspicious time.


The 8 Major Death and Emptiness Lines are the directions that separate the four cardinal directions and these are:-


22.5,  67.5,  112.5,   157.5,   202.5,   247.5,   292.5,   337.5


Facing these directions are only suitable for churches or temples. For others it could mean marital or family problems, sickness , business setbacks or failures.



Change your door ie use a different door.  Change the direction of the door.  Place metal object  at  the door  eg chime,  place an altar facing the door.