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Fengshui floor plan Analysis



Analysing your floorplan I will advise on color, object, furniture placement, flow of chi in your premises.  If you have actual floor plan that is very good.  If you do not, you can draw up one in my office.  Need not be to scale because in fengshui what we actually want to find out is how the chi is circulating.  Chi obstruction can cause career blocks, health deterioration so we need to realign the chi flow. This reading is more effective if you can provide bazhi of occupants so I can see if there is any elemental clash.

 188  at 111 North Bridge Road

             #27-01 Peninsula Plaza.

Need appointment - 93220209  - 90 minutes - 2 hours

Below is a letter ad verbatim from a client one month after I did floor plan reading for her present house despite the fact that they were planning to move into their new house within the next three months.


(please note names have been changed to protect their privacy)


Good Morning Christy,
Yes, I can see improvements.
My daughter is more calm and rational, able to communicate better with both her father and me but still not talking to her brother. Both waiting for each other to start the conversation first (I think). She is more cheerful now.
My son is still very much the same, in his room with his computer or a "night owl".
Money wise also, I am able to stretch the dollar longer than before the fengshui although it remains our biggest headache.
Career wise, I am quite upset with the present job recently and then just 2 days ago an ex-lecturer contacted me about a HR job opening @    -         -       Hospital. I will be attending the interview on this coming Monday.
My family and I are looking forward to start afresh in this new house. I would need to confirm with the movers the date for moving and hopefully you can advise me on a "good date". 
Do you need me to meet up with you on the new floor plan? Let me know if you need any other information.
Thank you very much