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Cancer is a disease of location triggered off by geopathic stress.

We all produce cancerous cells on a regular basis, but they are continuously

destroyed by our body's immune system. Geopathic stress does not cause cancer,

but weakens our immune system.
Dr Ernst Hartmann, MD


Geopathic influences is the most ignored agent for cancer and other ailment and  is not  a “question of belief”, but a faculty which has been studied in-depth and today includes scientifically measurable factors such as the following: electrosmog (electrical field, magnetic field, electromagnetic fields as those emanating from high-voltage power lines, electric cables, electrical appliances and synthetic materials) and high frequency emf.

There have been documented incidents where terminally ill  cancer patients regained their health after their sleeping area had been moved from a geopathic stress area to a safer zone.  



 Detecting  geopathic stress zones in your premises

Cats, insects and reptiles are attracted to areas of unnatural earth radiation - cats sleep on such spots, bees, ants lizards will nest there. So one of the simplest indicators pointing to the presence of a geopathic stress zone can be found in the behaviour of animals. If a certain spot which does not seem like a very comfortable spot to you e.g. near some electrical cables is your cat’s favourite resting place, it may be a good idea to avoid it.

You can also use a compass to detect unbalances in emf.  Holding a compass and align the needle to the north and walk slowly over to the area you think can be affected.  You will soon notice that the compass will start moving erratically and away from the true north. 

Children, dogs and babies generally feel uncomfortable and have a tendency to cry a lot if forced to sleep on such areas.




Only done in outside space - eg parks, gardens -  For me I use rods - sharp rods. For a garden - about 15 metallic rods 

I walk around the garden where I want to do this clearing.   And in geopathic stress clearing the Earth becomes  my patient I have to understand and "see" her blockages - for me she comes alive I can feel her blockages, her pain and her discomfort, her suffering.

When I detect a blockage I would caress the soil first or pat it  reassuringly first as if to let earth know I am going to give her a bit of pain but it will be ok.  Then I gently pierce the rod about 6 inches deep if soft soil otherwise about 3 inches.  I thus go around the garden doing this.

If your geopathic stress has been accurate and successful you will immediately see the overhead clouds clear  (within 2 hours) revealing a clear, clear blue sky.

The results are the occupants stop bickering so much, more clarity and vibrancy in the house.  More harmony.  It works I dont know why. But please respect the earth and if you do geopathic stress clearing yourself please do not use hammer to bash in the rods because earth will feel pain just like if you receive acupuncture you would like / hope /pray  your doctor will be gentle with you because he is going to poke your nerve endings.


 You can buy dowsing rods - I have them in my store- http://www.skyhealing.com/welcomemystore.htm - my store walk around your garden with the rods firmly but loosely in your hands.  When you come across blockages, electrical, underground ru nning water, yin energy the rods will more erratically.  Then you can put in rods at such areas.